Watch and Download Full Movie Venom (2018)

Watch Movie Online Venom (2018)


Released |Duration : 1 hours 52 minutes


DIRECTED BY : Ruben Fleischer.

PRODUCED BY : Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach.

GENRE : Drama, Horror, Science Fiction, Action, Thriller.

VIDEO : 720p.

LANGUAGE : English.


COUNTRY : United States of America.

PRODUCTION BY : Columbia Pictures, Marvel Entertainment, Sony Pictures.


‘Venom’ is a movie genre Drama, was released in October 3, 2018. Ruben Fleischer was directed this movie and starring by Tom Hardy. This movie tell story about When Eddie Brock acquires the powers of a symbiote, he will have to release his alter-ego “Venom” to save his life.

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Plastic Bags Banned in Bellingham Washington

Bellingham Washington ‘Rises Above Plastics’ and Reduces Carryout Plastic Bags!

July 13 2011 | Rise Above Plastics, Bag Bans,
by Bill Hickman

Four months after initially presenting an ordinance to Bellingham City Council members to reduce single-use bags, on July 11th, the Bellingham City Council voted 7-0 in favor of the ordinance to ban carry out plastic bags and implement a 5 cent fee on brown paper bags starting July 2012.  This truly was a community effort, starring two empowering citizens, Jill MacIntyre Witt and Brooks Anderson, who started the local group Bag It Bellingham supported by the Surfrider Foundation, People for Puget Sound, Sierra Club, Environment Washington, and RE Sources, who all helped in organizing hundreds of volunteer hours to gather over 3,000 signatures as well as to outreach and educate the community about the ordinance.  The key to this victory was meeting with, involving, and gathering support from everyone in the community- from those at the farmer’s markets, church groups, schools, neighborhood associations, dog owners, business owners, and more.  The Surfrider Foundation Northwest Straits Chapter hopes that Washington State can soon follow in passing similar legislation to reduce single-use bags to help reduce our impact on our oceans.

In short, this was so successful due to two citizens that were highly motivated.  This ordinance came as a community effort that was supported by organizations like Surfrider, rather than Surfrider presenting the ordinance and in turn, having it supported by the community.  This also makes it harder for opposition groups to come after anyone since it would be individuals they’d have to go after, not a whole organization.  The locals also tried to use the phrase “reducing single-use bags” more than “banning plastic bags” which also seemed good since there unfortunately sometimes seems to be a bad stigma to banning plastic bags.

Another part of its success, as mentioned by some of the council members, is that over four months were spent educating and outreaching to the community, meeting with neighborhood associations, and especially meeting with business owners and people like the Northwest Grocers Association.  Also meeting with and getting the local media on board helped tremendously too.  Throughout the whole process, it was really important to listen to people’s complaints and concerns and address them as well as possible.  It truly was a grassroots, community effort!

Click Here if you’re interested in watching some of the city council hearing.  Some highlights: testimonies start around 16:10 minutes in (which is a great one to start with- it’s a grandmother and granddaughter).  Then there’s a store owner at 25:05.  33:20 older gentleman about how things are done in Germany.  Another store owner at 35:15.  An excellent testimony by a kid at 36:30 (definitely worth watching! He found out about it only last Saturday and really wanted to get up and talk and came up with that speech all on his own).  Heather Trim (People for Puget Sound) at 37:45.  Then comes a gentleman opposing the “scam”.  Surfrider member Eleanor Hines come on at 43 minutes.  47:45 Brooks Anderson comes on (she was one of the main forces behind this) followed by Jill MacIntyre Witt.  There’s footage of people on the street is at 50 minutes.  Great effort overall, cheers to everyone involved!!

Plastic Pollution News Report

Bill Hickman from the Surfrider Foundation San Diego County Chapter discusses plastic pollution and ways to help prevent it. To find a Surfrider Chapter near you go to

Good Morning America – The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Making bags from recycled plastic grocery bags

What a great Idea and a great way to use plastic bags that we all have to much of.
Lupe Garcia from Genoa, Ohio makes tote bags from old, plastic grocery bags.

How to Save a Dying Ocean

The Gulf of Mexico continues to gush oil just as a whaling controversy threatens to land Australia and Japan in international court for killing protected species. Meanwhile, another less-publicized but arguably more cataclysmic oceanic disaster continues to worsen.

Overfishing threatens to destroy most of the world’s fisheries within a matter of decades. But while it’s proven difficult to save the gulf or save the whales, we know how to save the fish: Stop treating the ocean like a public bathroom, says Christopher Costello, a professor of natural resource economics at UC Santa Barbara.

Director Louis Psihoyos and his team of filmmakers embarked on an elaborate sting operation to expose Japan’s illegal dolphin hunters. The result is a documentary called The Cove, which took home the Oscar for best documentary. And days after the Academy Awards Psihoyos was back stirring things up.

Using the same cameras that were used to expose illegal dolphin hunters, Psihoyos and his team busted The Hump, a Santa Monica, California restaurant that had secretly been serving sushi made from the endangered sei whale.

“Everything in the ocean from the great whales to dolphins to plankton is being jeopardized,” Psihoyos tells “We’re raping and harvesting the ocean unsustainably.”

Overfishing “could mean the end of certain species,” agrees UC-Santa Barbara’s Costello. He points out that about a third of the world’s fisheries have already collapsed, and many more are heading toward the same fate. Costello says the world’s fisheries are in such bad shape because of the same reason public restrooms are typically foul places: “Nobody owns them. Nobody has the incentive to keep them up.”

One proven solution is a system called “catch share,” in which fishermen have the right to a certain share of the total catch of a type of fish. This form of ownership gives fishermen an incentive to make sure fish populations grow, and according to Costello’s worldwide research, it’s the only thing that seems to work.

Environmentalists are often suspicious of the profit motive, but from Alaska to New Zealand, market forces have been harnessed not for plunder but for preservation. Fishermen like the system because they make money, and environmentalists like it because it supports sustainable practices. Expanding the catch share system may well be the best way to save a dying ocean.

“How to Save a Dying Ocean” is written and produced by Ted Balaker, who also hosts. The associate producer is Paul Detrick, the cameramen are Hawk Jensen and Alex Manning; Zach Weissmueller also helped to produce the segment. Animation by Hawk Jensen.

Approximately six minutes.

Go to for downloadable iPod, HD, and audio versions of this and all our videos, and subscribe to’s YouTube channel to receive automatic notification when new material goes live.

What Can One Person Do to Help Save Our Seas?

Sudbury – Captain Paul Watson, a founder of the environmental organization Greenpeace and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, made no apologies for his brand of activism at Green Earth Expo, an environmental trade show April 24 at the Exhibition Centre.

The Plastiki arrives in Sydney

11.10am – Monday 26 July 2010 – Sydney time

After sailing more than 8,000 nautical miles and spending 128 days crossing the Pacific, the world’s largest ocean, in a boat made of 12,500 plastic PET bottles, the Plastiki expedition and her crew have safely and successfully reached their planned destination of Sydney to cheers of welcome and support.

Why should you eat sustainable sea food?

Turtle Eggs Saved From Oil Have Hatched!

Hands Across The Capital Courtyard

Join Surfrider Foundation at the Capital Courtyard in Tallahassee. The more people the bigger the statement


The Capitol Courtyard (between the old and new Capitol) Tallahassee, FL


July 20 · 11:30am – 10:30pm



An important message from Dave Rauschkolb (founder of Hands Across the Sand):

This is the most important week in the battle to keep oil drilling out of Florida’s waters. I am calling on every Floridian who joined hands with us on February 13 and June 26 to join hands once again and do one or all of 3 very important things.

1. Join us this Tuesday, July 20 in Tallahassee for an important gathering to JOIN HANDS (details below.)

2. Take five minutes and call your Legislators at this link. (TALKING POINTS BELOW)

3. Take 2 minutes and write this pre-prepared letter to your legislator at this link.

There is no more important thing you can do right now than join hands with us in one or all three of these ways. Help us put the decision to drill in our waters firmly where it belongs, in our hands!! Join hands Florida!! Special thanks to the Coalition of organizations (listed below) which has joined hands to bring this event together.

Very best,

Dave Rauschkolb


Please join Crude Awakening, Hands Across The Sand, The Florida Wildlife Federation, 1Sky Florida, Audubon of Florida, Clean Water Action, Emerald Coastkeeper, Defenders of Wildlife, Progress Florida, Save Our Shores! Florida, Sierra Club Florida and other organizations for a Hands at the Capitol Event to ask our legislators to let Florida citizens decide the question – Should drilling be banned from our state territorial waters?

Join us on Tuesday July 20 at 11:30 am EST in the Capitol Courtyard for this important event then stay to visit with your elected representatives to ask them to let the voters decide.

Goal: at least one caravan from EVERY legislative district! Please tell all your supportive friends in Florida!

The Legislature has been called into Special Session on Tuesday, July 20 -23 to consider a Joint Resolution that would place the question of drilling in state waters on the ballot for November. This event will show the statewide support for this ballot initiative. Our message to the legislators is – Let the people decide!!

For more information on this important event, including finding out about places to stay and other events in Tallahassee that week, please go to Crude Awakening’s link –
or contact Kim Ross at [email protected]

To assist Crude Awakening in the lobby portion of the day, please complete the following form to help us better organize:

Car Wash Fundraiser Treasure Coast Area

Do you need a car wash? If you live in the Treasure Coast area stop by Surf Ratz tomorrow from 9am – 5pm for a fundraiser car wash.  All $$$ goes to support Surfrider Foundation.  Surf Ratz is located at 1665 NW Federal Highway in Stuart, FL

Hope to see you there